The Cathedral

Welcome to Saint Mary's Cathedral.

In this sacred place, ancient faith and modern technology combine to create a twenty-first century hymn of praise to Almighty God. Like the great cathedrals of the past, St. Mary's has drawn upon the artistic and engineering genius of its time to shape a gathering place for the Christian assembly. This is a center where the great events in the life of our Church are celebrated. It is a place, too, which is made holy by the prayer of countless visitors who find in the beauty of this church a spiritual oasis in the midst of San Francisco.

Like the Cross itself, St. Mary's Cathedral moves us both vertically and horizontally. As our eyes are drawn upward in the graceful sweep of the cupola, our hearts are lifted up to God. Yet even as we delight in the vast space and play of colored light, the windows open to the City around us, reminding us of our need to work for the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption is an artistic and architectural poem evocative of the union between heaven and earth attained for us in Jesus Christ. The balance and simplicity of modern engineering echo the union of human and divine in creation and life. Faith and art combine to create in our contemporary world a worthy heir to the beautiful churches of the past.


The Cathedral is the parish of the local bishop.  Learn about the Archbishop of San Francisco, His Excellency Salvatore J. Cordileone.


The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption is the third seat of the Archbishop in San Francisco.  Here you will find a brief history of our cathedral.


The Cathedral is home to one of the world’s finest organs which was built in Padua Italy.


The Cathedral gladly welcomes pilgrims and tourists to pray and enjoy this great Cathedral.